We have a workshop for every stage of the process

Whether just starting research, already talking to doctors or already had surgery and want help staying on track - we have a workshop that is tailored to your needs.

Is Surgery Right For Me?

poste informatif Often we want change but are not sure that we are on the right path. Informational seminars can make this commitment all too real or raise a million more questions. Long histories of yo-yo diets can make your doubts rise. Desire can cloud your understanding of all that goes into this. This is a fantastic seminar if you are ambivalent, if you need a push in either direction or if you simply want to know that you are not alone in what raises doubt and hope all in one.

Read More Here This series has 3 workshops and it is set up for those that may be exploring surgery but are still ambivalent. This will help fill in the unknown questions, while using techniques that will heighten readiness and help you be clear with what would be best for you at this time.

Preparing For Surgery?

Said yes? Now what? You have inherited a full time job of making appointments and seeing doctors. Do you know what else you could benefit from to help ease you into having a safe, smooth and simplified transition?

This 6-week workshop series will help you start to partialize some of the surgical guidelines which will not only give you an advantage, but it will help you transition easier after you have surgery. This is a readiness and skill building workshop series that will leave you feeling confident in your newly created habits as you move forward with surgery.

Getting Back On Track

No one ever thinks that they will gain weight after going through such an intense procedure, but it happens. As a matter of fact, it happens more often than you want to believe. This is not the result of being incapable, although critical thoughts could make you feel as if you are. If we can get curious and refrain from being overly critical, often, we can find very valuable information that can help move you forward.

This is a two part workshop broken up into 3 weeks each. The first 3 workshops are designed to elicit curiosity and to gather the information to work on. The next 3 workshops are skill building to get you started in moving through these obstacles. Remember there are many blind spots in the human mind. When they do surface, they can be very useful in providing us direction.