Our Team

Rachel Siegel

Co-Founder, Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Rachel Joffe is a LCSW with 30 years’ experience designing programs, treating patients and helping people to see that they are important and have the ability to be successful.

She understands that it is never about the food. She understands that therapy is not needed for everyone so she designed a program to help everyone create the supporting fundamentals essential to creating the behavioral habits needed in Bariatric Surgery. With a lifetime history on diets and as a Bariatric patient herself- Rachel has the ideal professional and personal insight to meet your needs.

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Tricia McCoy

Co-Founder, MS, Registered Dietitian, Certified Yoga Teacher and Spinning Instructor

Tricia McCoy is a Registered dietician (RD) and a certified dietician nutritionist (CDN) with fifteen years’ experience innovating programs, providing treatment and supporting patients through every stage of the Bariatric process.

Tricia was not always a nutritionist. Tricia started her career in finance and marketing. It was when she engaged in some research and analysis of health and wellness while training to become a spin instructor that she learned of her new passion of nutrition. Once completing her masters in nutrition and becoming an RD, Tricia worked in several hospital based Bariatric programs.

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