Our Team

Rachel Siegel

Joffe Founder, LCSW-R

Rachel Joffe is a LCSW with 30 years’ experience designing programs, treating patients and helping people to see that they are important and have the ability to be successful. She understands that it is never about the food. She understands that therapy is not needed for everyone so she designed a program to help everyone create the supporting fundamentals essential to creating the behavioral habits needed in Bariatric Surgery. With a lifetime history on diets and as a Bariatric patient herself- Rachel has the ideal professional and personal insight to meet your needs.

Rachel Joffe has been a behavioral therapist and innovator of large-scale programs geared towards helping people who struggle with overeating, being overweight, who have had Bariatric procedures. The program content is designed from a deep understanding all the underlying factors that come along with being overweight, long term use of diet programs and an overall understanding of what it takes to create habits. Rachel created her professional foundation as an addiction specialist, working in hospitals and being trained to use techniques geared towards helping people move through change with compassion and understanding.  Rachel has helped several thousand people find the changes they are seeking.

 If you ask Rachel about why her patients have success, she will often say it’s because they learn that it is never about the food. Rachel treats the person. When the person is treated the role that food plays reduces and people claim their space in this world. She has so many stories about people that find their voice, see their worth, challenge themselves and oh yes have lost weight as well. Rachel uses innovative techniques to help us see how much of the way we see things are just stored thoughts that we have deemed as our fate. Rachel has a way of honing in on a person’s strengths way before they know they have them and before they know it her patients become comfortable with changes they never believed were ever possible.

Rachel currently has a full-scale private practice in which she provides clinical treatment as stated above. Bariatric Bridges comes in response to the amount of need that exists for Bariatric patients to develop a strong foundation of tools to support them through this journey. Unfortunately, frequently Rachel engages patients that are learning this in hind sight. Not every patient that seeks Bariatric surgery will seek out a therapist. Maybe going to this program will allow you to see that therapy could help your process. Not a motive to get people into therapy at all but this is a middle ground program that will allow you to engage your mind in the process of your changes. Rachel dreamed up Bariatric Bridges to give some stability to the process that exists in between the Surgical Clinics and the patient in his/her community.

On a personal note, Rachel understands first hand what goes into this as she herself had Gastric Bypass Surgery in 2003. Aside from maintaining a significant amount of weight loss off for 18 years on a perfectly imperfect journey, Rachel has utilized therapeutic support which has allowed her to like herself from the inside out. The personal and professional experiences have been a perfect marriage that has allowed her to reach people in a way that is very different. She gets it and it super relatable. She uses her knowledge and throws in her humor, and genuine warmth which allow people to get comfortable which is necessary for this type of work to happen. Rachel is naturally creative and has personally designed 6 comprehensive weight loss programs. Rachel continually creates and runs support groups for a local hospital. Rachel has designed Bariatric Bridges to meet your fundamental behavioral health needs no matter where you are in your journey.

Tricia McCoy

Founder, MS RD CDN

Tricia McCoy is a Registered dietician (RD) and a certified dietician nutritionist (CDN) with fifteen years’ experience innovating programs, providing treatment and supporting patients through every stage of the Bariatric process. Tricia was not always a nutritionist. Tricia started her career in finance and marketing. It was when she engaged in some research and analysis of health and wellness while training to become a spin instructor that she learned of her new passion of nutrition. Once completing her masters in nutrition and becoming an RD, Tricia worked in several hospital based Bariatric programs. Within her role, Tricia always went that extra mile to create innovative add on programs that inevitably bettered patients’ outcomes. Tricia has never been a traditional nutritionist. She often steers away from telling patients what to eat and tends to focus on the behaviors that align with healthy decision making. Tricia has always paid attention to details that at times can get missed. She has a deep understanding of the balance that goes into good health including taking vitamins, eating for satiety and enjoyment and for not setting your mind up with unrealistic expectations.

Tricia is well liked by her patients as she brings a fresh perspective using intuitive eating and mindfulness practices. She is not a supporter of traditional diets and she believes that diets are the underlying cause at times for people becoming overweight. It is always about balance, starting with small steps and building skills that help patients grow into a healthy lifestyle. Patients are always amazed at her level of insight and empathy about the challenge’s patients face as they go through their journey with her. Maybe it is because she takes a deep dive look at everything she does both personally and professionally. Tricia would never expect you to do something that she would not be willing to do herself. It is that approach as well as her innate creativity that has helped create and deliver Bariatric Bridges amongst other previous programs.

Tricia currently works in a MBSAQIP accredited Bariatric Program in Boston, Ma. as an RD treating patients going through various Bariatric proceedures which keeps her on the front line of the latest protocols. Tricia always talks about the need for more support of her patients. Her patients love her because of her non-judgmental approach, her realistic feedback and her extensive knowledge. Tricia feels limited at times because while she is very thorough with the guidelines and preparation, centers are not typically able to provide the supportive services that make this all stick. Patients often seek it out on their own in addition to their treatment but finding specialists that get it is often a challenge. After years of seeing this, Tricia joined forces with Rachel Joffe to create a program to fill that need and support the many programs that also fall prey to this unfortunate truth.

On a personal note Tricia practices what she preaches. Tricia is a certified spin instructor; a certified yoga teacher and she eats all foods in her diet. She is a foodie and would never suggest that you don’t enjoy eating what you love. She has three kids and lives a busy but balanced lifestyle. She is quick witted and realistic and she is a great listener. Tricia practices mindfulness and is looking forward to sharing those techniques in the Bariatric Bridges classes. Tricia designed Bariatric Bridges to help heal you from your history of traditional diets and put you on a path towards a realistic and healthy lifestyle.