Great question: Many feel very alone with their weight loss struggles and wonder if what they are experiencing is normal. We help you feel connected to like minded peers while helping you develop tools that help make this journey not only doable but maybe even enjoyable.

Tricia and Rachel have both not only worked in Bariatric Centers but they have been designing successful and innovative weight management programs throughout the inner city of NY for the past 20 years. Rachel is a surgery patient herself and her personal and professional combination gives the insight to know what it takes and what it actually feels like to do.

Not yet but we have started to approach insurance companies to invest in their consumers outcomes.

Support groups are also a great tool so we encourage you to attend them as well. Our program is more systematic and targets specific skills that will help you have a very strong foundation that you can maintain with regular support group attendance.

No. We use tools that are derived from our experiences as a Registered dietician and a Clinical Social Worker but we do not give any guidelines or advice. This is not a substitute for attending your surgical centers appointments. It is to help you carry out the recommendations that they provide.

We would never sway you from seeking out support but be careful as the information shared online may take you in directions that are not medically, nutritionally or emotionally sound. Always check with your treatment team. We have 30 years combined experience of the most up to date interventions. We have worked in Bariatrics- we have expertise specific to your needs.