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Surgery is a great tool to help you lose weight-Let us help you match your mind to your mission for long-term success.
Bariatric Bridges was formed in response to some identified gaps that naturally occur between general surgical guidelines and each person’s journey towards implementing them. Most people feel grateful for surgery as an option. Most Bariatric practices have been evolving in their research and practices as surgery has become a highly sought-out and effective tool for weight management. What has not evolved, and is the area that most patients struggle with, is the fundamentals of how we actually make these changes from the inside out.
Sometimes past experiences can make us believe we are not doing the right thing. Bariatric Bridges takes the guesswork out by giving you the insight and the tools for you to create lifelong supportive habits.
Bariatric surgery cannot create those tools for ourselves as they are in our minds. Unfortunately, in our minds, there are also many years of dietary attempts and struggles that can often lead patients to believe that when things get tough, once again something is not going to work. Our minds are filled with long-term experiences and perceptions of those experiences, and we often believe that what we experience is our truth. Bariatric bridges teach you how to match your mind to your mission by breaking down the skills that help you create the habits that support you on your journey.
Bariatric Bridges combines 20 years of combined direct service and formulated innovative methods to support the patient and enhance their outcomes.
Bariatric Bridges is a partnership between a Registered Dietitian and a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who together have 20 years of direct service and program development for bariatric patients. We know how hard your bariatric centers work first-hand because we both have done that. Our services will enhance your personal or your patient’s outcomes as we will provide a foundation of innovative and doable methods that take the guidance from the centers and carry them out in the community. We leave the clinical advice to the providers, and we then help the patient develop the behavioral tools to carry it out.
Bariatric Bridges will help patients connect with other patients that get it
Everyone needs a connection. The environment and belonging are likely the two biggest factors in determining the ability to create healthy habits. Bariatric Bridges will create subgroups for patients to practice what they have learned in the group and for them to connect with others that just get it. Many people don’t understand when someone decides to have surgery. Shame is such a common experience for people who have a weight issue. They often feel alone and feel like no one else thinks or feels like them. Bariatric Bridges helps them to form a personal connection with others who are like-minded and, most importantly, non-judgmental. We can do anything together.
Bariatric Bridges helps patients find supportive services that align with sound information-to take the guesswork out of where to get safe and factual support.
Lastly, Bariatric Bridges helps patients sift through the tons of information out there and helps the patients link to resources that provide sound information. Social media can be a source of misinformation, harsh comparisons, and can be very misleading. So often, patients will scroll through Facebook and see all these before and after photos of people that seem to have no problems. If they are in a natural plateau or if weight is coming off slower than they had hoped for, they may follow advice that can be unnecessary and unsafe. Bariatric Bridges will always suggest that patients stay connected with their centers for all clinical care. Bariatric Bridges continuously updates our support resources for content and safety.
Bariatric Bridges is the safety net that keeps patients informed and connected. After six weeks, patients will have received the best of the best information for them to start putting into action the tools needed for their best outcomes.