We Match Your Mind To Your Vision

visit this site Bariatric Bridges was created in response to a very common unmet need in the world of weight loss surgery- “the mind”. I can’t tell you how many patients have shared with me that “My head just doesn’t connect with my stomach or I had good intentions but something just took over and I ended up doing what I did not want to do”

il a un bon point These are the areas where we get stuck. It happens when we want something so much and we find that our behaviors go in the opposite direction. Although this experience is quite universal, it can create a false feeling of failure and maybe even lead you to quit on yourself. We teach how to get through that and not use it as a platform for increased success.

Lifestyle changes involve all lifestyle experiences. Nutrition and medical assistance are just a part of the answer. You cannot fix an emotional, behavioral and habitual pattern solely with a nutritional solution.

It is for these reasons that Bariatric Bridges was born. Not everyone is ready or interested in going to therapy as part of this journey. Bariatric Bridges provide motivational education workshops that will help you explore, prepare or restart your minds responses to the different experiences and outcomes that having surgery creates.

My name is Rachel Siegel-Joffe and I am a licensed clinical social worker that has specialized in behavior change and motivational enhancement for over 25 years. I am also a successful Bariatric patient since 2003. This combination has helped me to help thousands of patients better understand themselves as they progress in achieving their goals. The “what” that we struggle with does not typically matter. It is our responses to these events that is more meaningful. These workshops are designed to help you get unstuck and keep moving forward.

Bariatric Bridges uses telehealth workshops as its venue to heighten awareness with common weight loss surgery experiences. You can sit at home, your identity remains private while you connect with a small group of people who you will have much in common with. Each workshop is 60 minutes in duration. Each series contains 3-6 workshops. You can choose to grow with us or jump in where you are at.

Once you enroll in a seminar, you will receive a short preliminary packet that will allow you to submit personal questions as it relates to the workshop topics. The groups will begin with education on behaviorally focused topics and specific surgery related insights that can help you think more expansively. Following the informational component, will be a facilitated group discussion in which you can share with each other how this relates to you. Each group is capped to a maximum of 10 people to ensure that everyone that wants to share, will get to share.

Small Steps Bridge Big Goals