Match Your Mind To Your Mission

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Bariatric Bridges

Bariatric Bridges is an online program that is designed to help you with the transition from your surgery center into real life. We know that surgery is a tool. We help fill up the rest of your tool box with the most current, practical and innovative techniques that will help you find your way in your journey. Your Bariatric center gives you the guidelines, we help you develop the foundation to carry them out.


Our Mission

The mission of Bariatric Bridges is to bridge the connection between general surgical guidelines and each patient’s personal journey towards implementing them. We take 30 years of combined professional experience and filter it, to bring you the most relevant, innovative and doable techniques to support patients’ processes. It is our intention to help patients find a network of support, find their strength and creativity and to simplify the “how to” into day to day routines. We are committed to helping patients match their mind to their mission.

What We Do

Bariatric Bridges is an online educational program run and designed by a nutritionist and social worker to help patients at all stages in the surgical journey. We can do evaluation clearances during the work up, as well as online educational groups that help patient’s develop tools and insight before having surgery. We have post operative groups to support the development of good habits or to help patients get back on track. We also offer education groups for patient’s seeking revisional procedures. We focus on education, process and connection. This is a group that patients can find like minded people that they continue to work with long after the class is done. It is not therapy but many techniques are highly therapeutic.


Tricia McCoy


Tricia is a registered dietitian and a certified dietitian nutritionist with 15 years experience in vetting programs, providing treatment and supporting patients to every stage of the Bariatric process.

Rachel Siegel Joffe


Rachel is a LCSW with 30 years experience designing programs, treating patients and helping people to see that they are important have the ability to be successful

We Offer


Psychological and Nutritional Clearances

Online 60-90 minutes, Reports sent direct to Surgical Center

$350 USD

Still Unsure if Surgery is for You?

Psychological and/or Nutritional Readiness Sessions

Individual Coaching to help you process your questions and truly assess if surgery is right for you.

$150/Session 45 minutes

Pre-Op Preparation Classes

Six weeks, 12 sessions Nutrition and Behavioral Coaching
Groups will help you learn the skills to break the habits associated from years of fad diets and convert you into a person with the tools to create the habits that support long term weight loss and maintenance. 


Back on Track: Post-Op Classes

Six weeks, 12 sessions Nutrition and Behavioral Coaching


Groups will help you identify your challenges, redefine your strategies and help guide you back to your goals. Roadblocks don’t have to be the end- they can be quite informative with the right support.



Revisional Procedures: Preparation Groups

Six weeks, 12 sessions Nutrition and Behavioral Coaching

Groups will help you identify and learn your strengths and your areas that could benefit from some revision. You now know the ins and outs for better or for worse. You realize you could benefit from another procedure but you want to prepare your mind to really approach it for the long haul. This is your prep class that makes this time doable and something that you embrace.



Bariatric Surgery Is A Journey, Not A Destination

Bariatric Bridges was designed to supplement and enhance a patients experience in all phases of Bariatric Surgery.

Bariatric Bridges is here to help “bridge” these unmet needs that patients encounter all too often. No matter where you are in your journey we are designed to help you with tools, motivation, and support so you continue on your journey how you choose to define it.